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Enterprise Global Limited was founded in August of 2001. A bold move some might have said, as the global economy was in the midst of a double downturn – a combination of the bursting of the technology bubble combined with the global slowdown.

Enterprise Global however have not only left their imprint on the Asia Pacific market but in these trying times have had the wherewithal to step on the accelerator.


Our Goal!?To truly assist you in taking your Enterprise….Global!


Enterprise Global began in August 2001 as a network services consultancy and integration company. Founded by businessman Scott Frain, the goal was to assist Small to Medium enterprises (SMEs) to rationalize their existing Information Technology infrastructures whilst looking towards to the future.

An Entrepreneurial Idea

The first 10 years...

It was during the year of 2002, that a new market began to emerge and Enterprise Global took the initiative not only to integrate this into its service offerings but to be at the forefront.

With all corporations feeling the pinch of the double downturn, Enterprise Global expanded into business management services. Moving beyond simple Information Technology consulting Enterprise Global was able to find additional ways to save their clients money. Through telecommunication, process re-engineering, project management and enhanced collaboration to name but a few.

Hong Kong was still the centre of business due to the fact that it is seen as a worldwide centre of commerce.  Many corporations however wished to extend the benefits and improvements seen in their Hong Kong offices and by the end of 2003 Enterprise Global had expanded, through partnerships with similar companies, to open offices in Sydney and Beijing, reaching further still with offices in Singapore, Melbourne Shanghai, London, USA, Indonesia, India, Korea and Japan..

These strong relationships placed Enterprise Global in a key position to “manage” information technology and business processes for larger corporations with bigger footprints in Asia.

Moving forward...

Enterprise Global, backed by numerous technology partners offering the best of breed solutions is poised to continue on a path of expansion, broadening and investing further in its core service offerings.

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