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"Technology is an enabler of strategy - not a substitute for it”

Enterprise Global's Information Technology consulting services are focused on assisting your organisation to align its technology infrastructure to your business strategies.


One of the most difficult challenges facing businesses today is achieving a balance between building long term Information Technology infrastructures and taking a shorter-term view to meet pressing revenue needs.

This challenge goes to the very heart of what Enterprise Global deals with every day on both strategic and tactical levels.



At Enterprise Global, we believe in the creative, intelligent, innovative use of technology with the aim of enabling your employees to work more efficiently. 


Enterprise Global is able to provide management services to small to medium enterprises that require a premium quality of service.

Enterprise Global can offer management services including Local Area Network (LAN) administration, Wide Area Network (WAN) administration, help desk, messaging services (email client and mail servers) desktop management and Web site management.


Internal IT departments can be an expensive luxury diverting the focus away from your core business. Staff training and Research and Development (R&D) on 'best of breed' solutions are also expensive.

Coupling extensive industry experience, wide ranging vendor contacts and a sense of pride in maintaining a detailed knowledge and understanding of all prior, current and proposed technologies, Enterprise Global are able to deliver your business an insight into technology directions.


While all our professionals are trained to deliver what you want, when you need it, they are also proactively ensuring that you are open and aware of other options. When combined with our partner network, Enterprise Global's Asia Pacific coverage brings a complete resource solution to the market.


Our rapid response capability, methodology and work ethic provide an ideal resource extension of your existing IT work force. Enterprise Global is also able to provide complete IT outsourcing facilities, becoming your 'Virtual IT Department', and through strict service level agreements you have complete 'ownership' and 'piece of mind'.




Email systems come with their own unique set of problems. One solution is to build, host and maintain your own corporate email system. But for many small-and medium-size enterprises, this is an expensive and difficult to maintain solution. A substantially less costly, hassle-free solution is to outsource your email system requirements to Enterprise Global.

Your server, and the systems and data held in it, are critical to your business. Servers need to be in a secure, clean, temperature controlled environment for optimum reliable performance. Many offices simply do not have the space or the expertise to provide the ideal server environment. Recognizing this need Enterprise Global provides the following services to help you protect these valuable business resources.


For the implementation services of Office 365 and Exchange Online, Enterprise Global assists the sizable enterprises and SMEs from the system consultation, migration to technical support services. Microsoft Office 365 is an unified messaging platform which includes the enterprise e-mail and Office Solutions with large usage and system capacity. It can simplify your IT management and maintenance while greatly reduce time and cost. In addition, collaboration service improves your company's productivity backing up by the enterprise-security from Microsoft. Microsoft Office 365 includes the functions of  E-Mail, Document Sharing and instant messaging communication. It fits for cross-region collaboration and communication through the internet and improves works efficiency.


Microsoft Exchange Online is the enterprise e-mail system platform that offers immediate access to email, voice mail, calendars and global contacts from different devices. It improves your response time and simplifies your work and makes it easy. You can handle your e-mail and documents promptly at anywhere and anytime, through the internet browsers and Web Apps by smart phones, Mac, PC or tablet computers. What's more, it also saves your time and cost.


Microsoft SharePoint Online is a collaboration platform for building a centralized repository of documents and information. It highly facilitates the cross-departmental collaboration within the enterprise. By improving the efficiency on the conventional business operations, the network can be shared among colleagues and customers for real-time access from virtually anywhere through the Web browser. This provides the high degree of flexibility in accessing, searching, saving and editing that perfectly fit for complex project and document management.


Lync Online is the next-generation cloud communication service that brings people together in different ways from anywhere. It offers businesses the ability th access and switch between any communication settings within a single interface, replacing the traditional calls and conferencing system while reduces both capital and operational costs.




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